ELCA Good Gifts

ELCA Good Gifts Coloring Book
ELCAMA1254 - ELCA Good Gifts Coloring Book
Use this coloring book for Sunday school or as a special handout at worship. As children color each of the eight animals, teach them the significance livestock can have in communities around the world. Please note: This resource comes in packs of 10. If you need 50 coloring books, you would order 5 packs.

ELCA Good Gifts Valentine's Day Grams
ELCAMA1292 - ELCA Good Gifts Valentine's Day Grams
The purchase of an ELCA Good Gifts gram helps provide families
in need with fruit-tree seedlings, honeybees, pigs and other
animals, and the resources they need to escape hunger and
poverty for good. Offer these grams on or prior to Valentine’s Day,
Feb. 14, before or after worship as a special way to celebrate the
holiday while giving back to ELCA World Hunger. Valentine’s Day ELCA Good Gifts grams come in packs of 30 with 10 of each gram.


ELCA Good Gifts Christmas Ornament 2013
ELCAMA1123 - ELCA Good Gifts Christmas Ornament 2013

This limited edition Christmas ornament features the artwork of Paul Johnson, an ELCA member in Pelican Rapids, Minn. The globe is transformed into a beautiful nativity scene -- featuring many of the animals that can be found in the ELCA Good Gifts catalog. These ornaments are a great, tangible way to tell others about the ELCA Good Gifts you have given in their honor. Shop ELCA Good Gifts at www.ELCA.org/goodgifts. Product details: 3 1/4'' silver glass bulb with wrapped artwork. Made in the USA.


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