God's People Building Bridges
ELCAMM1001 - God's People Building Bridges

This leader's guide lays out a framework for conducting basic cultural awareness workshops. Designed to provide facilitators with information, exercises, experiences and process points that will help participants in dealing with people and situations that are different from their ethnic, racial and cultural group experiences.

Please note: this resource comes bundled in packs of 3.

Price: $2.95

Living the Faith Booklet
ELCAMM1004 - Living the Faith Booklet

Living the Faith is a compilation of stories, advice and reflections about creating and nurturing multicultural relationships, for individuals and congregations seeking to reach out to people whose race is different than their own. Presented in five sections, it is particularly well suited for adult forums or other groups that meet regularly. Includes exercises that help shed light on how you understand that faith transcends culture, and through our shared faith in Christ, it’s relatively easy to share friendships across cultures.

Price: $1.50

Multicultural Mission Strategy
ELCAMM1003 - Multicultural Mission Strategy

This document is a re-commitment that the ELCA shall establish membership of at least 10 percent people of color and/or primary language other than English.

Price: $0.00

Praying for Renewal
ELCAEO1017 - Praying for Renewal
Praying for Renewal gathers the stories of faithful people who are grounded in the Scripture. This intimate relationship with God's living word has led them to struggle with deep issues of faith through the gift of prayer. This thought-provoking resource may inspire you to deepen your prayer life while guiding you to spiritual renewal.
Price: $5.49

Renewing the Passion: A Guide to Spiritual Revival
ELCAEO1004 - Renewing the Passion: A Guide to Spiritual Revival
This manual shows the several perspectives on how we can best fulfill the call to action. It examines the history of the “Awakening Identity” in the Lutheran church, offers Bible studies along with planning tools and prayer and prayer models. It also provides different models of worship to experience spiritual renewal.
Price: $0.00

A Place for You booklet
ELCAWO1067 - A Place for You booklet
Get to know the mission and ministries of Women of the ELCA with this booklet. Perfect for new members and outreach efforts. Find out how to create a congregational unit. Limit of 25 per customer.

Note: Up to 5 complimentary copies are available by calling us at 800-638-3522.

Price: $0.00

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