Young Adults

Youth Gathering Poster
ELCACSM115 - Youth Gathering Poster
2015 ELCA Youth Gathering poster


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Here I Study Book
ELCAVE1002 - Here I Study Book

For high school students and congregational youth leaders. "Here I Study" tells what it means to attend a Lutheran college or university.

Please note: this resource comes bundled in packs of 10.

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Imagine Yourself Poster
ELCAVE1006 - Imagine Yourself Poster

Package of 40 posters.

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It's All About Love Campus Ministry
ELCAVE1015 - It's All About Love Campus Ministry
Designed to look like a board game, this resource portrays discipleship as a lifelong journey, in which we discover the depths of God's love in Christ. Study questions attached.
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Distances, Discoveries and Homecomings
ELCAVE1013 - Distances, Discoveries and Homecomings
Speaks to parents whose children are moving away to college, and about the importance of this transition time.
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Moments: Fifty Prayers for Students
ELCAVE1014 - Moments: Fifty Prayers for Students
A collection of campus prayers on creation, the world, the university, academic pressures, and personal issues.
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Imagine Yourself Brochure
ELCAVE1007 - Imagine Yourself Brochure

Mailer-sized pieces we like to call "invitations" to a conversation on vocation and young adults introduce Elizabeth, a family practice lawyer; Rozella, a grad student in urban youth ministry; Eric, a diaconal minister; Kristina, an ELCA Young Adult in Global Mission volunteer; and Pete, a parish pastor. One parish is using this small resource with new members as a way to introduce life in the ELCA, and the Lutheran understanding of vocation. A label area allows you to personalize the "invitation" with your own contact information.

Please note: this resource comes bundled in packs of 50.

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