Young Adults

Imagine Yourself Poster
ELCAVE1006 - Imagine Yourself Poster

Package of 40 posters.

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It's All About Love Campus Ministry
ELCAVE1015 - It's All About Love Campus Ministry
Designed to look like a board game, this resource portrays discipleship as a lifelong journey, in which we discover the depths of God's love in Christ. Study questions attached.

Imagine Yourself Brochure
ELCAVE1007 - Imagine Yourself Brochure

Mailer-sized pieces we like to call "invitations" to a conversation on vocation and young adults introduce Elizabeth, a family practice lawyer; Rozella, a grad student in urban youth ministry; Eric, a diaconal minister; Kristina, an ELCA Young Adult in Global Mission volunteer; and Pete, a parish pastor. One parish is using this small resource with new members as a way to introduce life in the ELCA, and the Lutheran understanding of vocation. A label area allows you to personalize the "invitation" with your own contact information.

Please note: this resource comes bundled in packs of 50.


World Hunger Vacation Bible School Leader Guide
ELCAMA1360 - World Hunger Vacation Bible School Leader Guide
"God's Good Creation" is a vacation Bible school study that helps children learn about hunger, hope and the work to which God calls us in the world. The five-day program highlights the work of ELCA World Hunger and includes a schedule, educational activities, skits, snack and craft ideas.

Vacation Bible School Poster 2018
ELCAMA1363 - Vacation Bible School Poster 2018
This poster can be used to promote your congregation's session of "God's Good Creation," ELCA World Hunger's vacation Bible school. It includes spaces to write in the details specific to your congregation.

"Who is My Neighbor?" VBS Leader Guide
ELCAMA1381 - "Who is My Neighbor?" VBS Leader Guide
This vacation Bible school curriculum explores the theme of "Who is My Neighbor?" Participants will learn about some of the people around the world who are our neighbors in the kingdom of God and the work of ELCA World Hunger. Includes skits, schedules, snack and craft ideas, and more.

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