Associate in Ministry Pin
ELCAVE1012 - Associate in Ministry Pin
A symbol of commissioned ministry that is appropriate to the role that the associate in ministry will carry out.
Price: $12.00

¿Qué debo decir?
ELCAVE1004 - ¿Qué debo decir?

Un libro diseñado para ser usado por todas las personas interesadas en examinar su llamado al ministerio ya sea como futuro pastor o pastora, asociado en el ministerio, diaconisa, ministro diaconal o para el ministerio en la vida diaria. Para estudiantes de universidad y adultos.

A book designed for use by individuals interested in examining their call to ministry whether as a future pastor, associate in ministry, deaconess, diaconal minister or for ministry in daily life. For college age and adults. 

Price: $4.95

From Word & Sacrament: Renewed Vision
ELCAVE1005 - From Word & Sacrament: Renewed Vision

A collection of essays that invites the reader to consider that all ministry occurs out of, or from, word and sacrament. As our world begs for health, diaconal ministry emerges as a way to exemplify a ministry of service for all the baptized.

Also available for free download.

Price: $17.99

What Shall I Say Book
ELCAVE1003 - What Shall I Say Book

This resource invites readers into a process of discovery of the ministry to which God calls them. States a Lutheran understanding of call and ministry and introduces the variety of ministries in the ELCA. This challenging resource encourages note-taking, underlining, and questioning as readers uncover what type of ministry is best for them.

Price: $6.95

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