Disaster Response

Lutheran Disaster Response Envelopes
ELCAMA1225 - Lutheran Disaster Response Envelopes
Order a supply of Lutheran Disaster Response offering envelopes to be prepared to respond after disaster. Keep them in church throughout the year, or stuff them inside newsletters or worship bulletins. This envelope can be placed in the offering plate or stamped and mailed directly to Lutheran Disaster Response. You may desingate your gifts to a specific disaster, where needed most, Lutheran Disaster Response U.S., or Lutheran Disaster Response International. This resource comes bundled in packs of 25.


Lutheran Disaster Response Brochure
ELCAMA1230 - Lutheran Disaster Response Brochure
This brochure offers an introduction to the work of Lutheran Disaster Response, internationally and in the U.S. It is perfectly sized for worship bulletins and it can also be used for events and displays. 25 brochures per package.

Meeting God in the Ruins
ELCAMA1220 - Meeting God in the Ruins

A devotional guidebook for disaster response volunteers. This resouce can be used by an idividual or in a group setting.

Also available for free download.



Poster -- Lutheran Disaster Response
ELCAMA1207 - Poster -- Lutheran Disaster Response
Display this 14" x 22" poster in a prominent spot to show your support for Lutheran Disaster Response.

World Hunger Field Guide
ELCAMA1199 - World Hunger Field Guide

This leaderís guide is designed to help you plan your next service opportunity. Itís organized into four steps (Preparation, Action, Reflection and Celebration) and will walk you through how to make the most out of your service opportunity. In addition to the leaderís guide, placemat resources have been developed that act as a worksheet and summarize the work of ELCA World Hunger.

Free downloadable resources:

Diggin In: A Leader's Guide to Service Learning

ELCA World Hunger Pacemat1

ELCA World Hunger Placemat2

ELCA World Hunger Placemat3


New Every Day Forty Devotions
ELCACS1086 - New Every Day Forty Devotions

A 40-day devotional guide book for survivors of natural disaster.


Youth Disaster Response Binder
ELCACS1090 - Youth Disaster Response Binder

Two curriculum guides for working with children and youth who have experienced a natural disaster.


WH Reproducible Stories Lent 2019
ELCAMA1383 - WH Reproducible Stories Lent 2019
Use these stories in your Sunday bulletins to share about how gifts to ELCA World Hunger and Lutheran Disaster Response are at work.

Also available as a free download.


LifeLines Spring 2019
ELCAMA1391 - LifeLines Spring 2019
The spring 2019 issue of LifeLines offers stories of how your gifts to ELCA World Hunger and Lutheran Disaster Response help communities and families in the U.S. and around the world, as well as a map and financial highlights from 2018.

Note: This resource comes in packages of 10. 1 = 10 copies.


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