Leadership Encouragement cards
ELCAMA1349 - Leadership Encouragement cards
It is not the job of just our seminaries and universities to identify and raise up leaders in the church. The responsibility belongs to all of us. These cards are our gift to you, lay and rostered leaders of this church, to use as you go about the important work of identifying and inspiring potential leaders in your congregation and community. Identify the servants, preachers, teachers and leaders in our midst by sharing a word of encouragement. One package of five cards and envelopes is available for free, with free shipping, for each rostered and lay leader in the ELCA. Inside: "Explore your call." Back: "To learn more about leadership opportunities within the church, visit ELCA.org/leaders."

Price: $0.00

Faith Practices and Growing Stewards
ELCACSM120 - Faith Practices and Growing Stewards
Selected articles on Faith Practices and Growing Stewards from past issues of The Lutheran magazine
Price: $0.00

Story of Lutheran Revival DVD
ELCAEO1006 - Story of Lutheran Revival DVD

This DVD tells the story of Lutheran revival. This 23-minute video, narrated by former ELCA Presiding Bishop H. George Anderson, tracks prayer and revival in the Bible, in Lutheran history, and in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America today.

In this video, viewers hear from:

  • Bible scholars from ELCA colleges and seminaries who tell the history of God's reviving work in the church
  • ELCA pastors who have witnessed revival in congregational life
  • ELCA members who tell their stories of revival

To explore what revival means in a Lutheran context, viewers will:

  • journey to Germany to see Lutheran roots for a revival tradition
  • witness a revival in a Lutheran congregation in Ohio
  • see the Spirit alive in congregations in East Brooklyn

Price: $0.00

Welcome, Welcome
ELCAMM1005 - Welcome, Welcome

"Welcome, Welcome: Guide to Ministry with Asian Members." In the 21st century, we need more than ever to develop our awareness, knowledge, and skills in ministry across cultures. "Welcome, Welcome" offers an overview on how to make your English-speaking congregation a truly welcoming place for Asian people. This guidebook is for English-speaking congregations who want to strengthen and retain Asian membership in areas where Asian populations are not large. This resource is a concise and practical guide to building relationships with this growing population of God's people in the United States.

Price: $4.75

Asian and Pacific Islander Strategic Plan
ELCAMM1006 - Asian and Pacific Islander Strategic Plan

The strategy presents the ELCA Asian and Pacific Islander community's vision for the 21st century. The vision is to grow in strength for ministry, using God's gifts of culture, language and heritage to share God's love in a multicultural world. Currently this involves emphases on congregational development, membership, leadership and resource development, social ministry, stewardship and Asian homeland ministries.

Also available for free download.

Price: $0.00

Vision for Partnership & Unity
ELCAMM1007 - Vision for Partnership & Unity
A guide to ministry with American Indian and Alaska Native people. Produced in partnership with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the United Church of Christ and the ELCA.
Price: $10.00

Breaking the Bonds
ELCAMM1008 - Breaking the Bonds

"Breaking the Bonds" is an internalized racial oppression resource. Facilitators of this process would lead individuals through a process that will help them to get in touch with the negative messages they have internalized about themselves and others over the years from the oppressive system of racism.

Price: $19.95

Weaving God's Love Across Cultures
ELCAMM1009 - Weaving God's Love Across Cultures
Here's a valuable resource designed to help families and congregations consider the spiritual implications of adopting across cultures. This book includes moving stories by adopted people and adoptive parents who live at the intersection of faith and adoption. The experiences of their lives honestly reveal the joy and pain that unfold through the process of adopting and being adopted.
Price: $14.00

African Descent Strategy
ELCAMM1010 - African Descent Strategy

The recommended actions are for the ELCA's participation in the continuing journey of African descent Lutheran ministry. This strategy is a living document intended to stir imagination and ministry initiatives beyond what is presented on its pages.

Also available for free download.

Price: $0.00

Arab & Middle East Strategy
ELCAMM1011 - Arab & Middle East Strategy

The Arab ministry strategy seeks ways to invite Arabs and Middle Easterners into the Lutheran expression of the body of Christ through biblical hospitality (Romans 12:13; Hebrews 13:2) and in the spirit of Jesus’ admonition that the neighbors we are called to love and serve all our fellow human beings.

Also available for free download in English and Arabic.

Price: $0.00

Talking Together as Christians Cross-Culturally
ELCAMM1015 - Talking Together as Christians Cross-Culturally

A practical, "how to" field guide to cross-cultural conversation and moral deliberation for congregations, judicatories, and other groups and organizations in which religious commitments and perspectives are included in the conversation. Includes specific information on 20 cultural groups in the U.S.

Also available for free download.

Price: $10.00

Multicultural Resource Catalog
ELCAMM1017 - Multicultural Resource Catalog
Catalog listing of all ELCA multicultural resources available as of 1/2011.
Price: $0.00

Seasons of Renewal DVD
ELCAEO1005 - Seasons of Renewal DVD
Use this resource in conjunction with "Renewing the Passion: A Guide to Spiritual Revival" to inspire your congregation to offer special services of renewal and revival. Our hope is for an awakening epoch that will revive the gifts given at Holy Baptism; our prayer is for an era of commitment and outreach that will impact every aspect of the ELCA.
Price: $0.00

Renovando la Pasion
ELCAEO1027 - Renovando la Pasion

Este manual muestra diferentes perspectivas, maneras y formas de cómo responder afectivamente al llamado a actuar. El manual examina el concepto del despertar de nuestra identidad en la Iglesia Luterana, y nos ofrece estudios bíblicos con sus formatos de planificación, y varios modelos de oración. Además, provee diferentes modelos de adoración para la renovación espiritual.

Price: $0.00

ELCA 25th Anniversary Tote Bags
ELCAMA1170 - ELCA 25th Anniversary Tote Bags

White non-woven large capacity shopper-style tote bag. Sturdy, sewn-in carrying straps. Imprinted with ELCA brandmark on one side, 25th anniversary "Always Being Made New" theme on the other.

Price: $3.50

American Indian Alaska Native Strategic Plan
ELCAMM1002 - American Indian Alaska Native Strategic Plan

The recommended goals and strategies by which the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America can become effective in its ministry with American Indians and Alaska Natives. The plan guides the ELCA, as we work on behalf of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Also available for free download.

Price: $0.00

God's People Building Bridges
ELCAMM1001 - God's People Building Bridges

This leader's guide lays out a framework for conducting basic cultural awareness workshops. Designed to provide facilitators with information, exercises, experiences and process points that will help participants in dealing with people and situations that are different from their ethnic, racial and cultural group experiences.

Please note: this resource comes bundled in packs of 3.

Price: $2.95

Living the Faith Booklet
ELCAMM1004 - Living the Faith Booklet

Living the Faith is a compilation of stories, advice and reflections about creating and nurturing multicultural relationships, for individuals and congregations seeking to reach out to people whose race is different than their own. Presented in five sections, it is particularly well suited for adult forums or other groups that meet regularly. Includes exercises that help shed light on how you understand that faith transcends culture, and through our shared faith in Christ, it’s relatively easy to share friendships across cultures.

Price: $1.50

Multicultural Mission Strategy
ELCAMM1003 - Multicultural Mission Strategy

This document is a re-commitment that the ELCA shall establish membership of at least 10 percent people of color and/or primary language other than English.

Price: $0.00

Praying for Renewal
ELCAEO1017 - Praying for Renewal
Praying for Renewal gathers the stories of faithful people who are grounded in the Scripture. This intimate relationship with God's living word has led them to struggle with deep issues of faith through the gift of prayer. This thought-provoking resource may inspire you to deepen your prayer life while guiding you to spiritual renewal.
Price: $5.49

Renewing the Passion: A Guide to Spiritual Revival
ELCAEO1004 - Renewing the Passion: A Guide to Spiritual Revival
This manual shows the several perspectives on how we can best fulfill the call to action. It examines the history of the “Awakening Identity” in the Lutheran church, offers Bible studies along with planning tools and prayer and prayer models. It also provides different models of worship to experience spiritual renewal.
Price: $0.00

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