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"Freed in Christ: Race, Ethnicity and Culture"
ELCAOB1023 - "Freed in Christ: Race, Ethnicity and Culture"
The ELCA's social statement on racism adopted in 1993. Bundles in packages of 5.
Price: $1.00

Social message on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
ELCAOB1020 - Social message on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
The social message “The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict” was adopted in 1989 and its description of the situation at that time and its specific resolutions for action are dated, yet it continues to provide a basic faith-based orientation to issues of the conflict. Comes in packs of 5.
Price: $.25

Book of Faith Bookmarks
ELCACSM119 - Book of Faith Bookmarks
Two-sided bookmark for use by church leaders and members of congregations to promote the initiative. 1 pkg = 20 bookmarks
Price: $0.00

Give Bible Study
ELCAEO1037 - Give Bible Study

Giving is a mark of discipleship. It is one of the seven faith practices highlighted in the ELCA Call to Discipleship.Giving is part of daily life. Participants will search out biblical understandings of giving by exploring stories of givers and their gifts.They ask what acts of giving mean to the givers, the recipients, and the whole human community.Givers soon recognize that giving really flows from receiving. The first session of this study explores the giving/receiving dynamic. In the second session givers who do not count the cost of giving are highlighted.We will speak of behaviors that go beyond calculation.The third session examines some common stumbling blocks to giving. Just as faithfulness is good in and of itself, so is generosity. The final session explores the spiritual power of generosity.

Price: $1.25

Encourage Bible Study
ELCAEO1038 - Encourage Bible Study
This mark of discipleship is one of the seven faith practices highlighted in the ELCA's Call to Discipleship. Beyond the initial actions of welcoming people into the community are the ministries of friendship and support. Encouragement is the cluster of friendly attitudes and actions that forge relationships, building a diverse set of people into a community in Christ. Jesus promises to make community with us (Matthew 18:20).
Encouragement makes it possible to cross lines of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, politics, economic class, educational level and generation. Common social skills are transformed by the presence of the Holy One into acts of discipleship whereby the body of Christ is continually built up and strengthened for mission and ministry.

Price: $1.25

Step by Step
ELCAEO1008 - Step by Step

This book is a gem for pastors and lay leaders looking for a general overview of stewardship practice and theology! It is written in a 17-step format for pastors and lay leaders to build a solid commitment among their members to financially support their church. Includes a bonus section on the theology of stewardship that can help leaders and members discover lives of meaning and purpose.

Also available for free download, including the bonus section.

Price: $6.50

For the Peace of the Whole World
ELCACS1076 - For the Peace of the Whole World

This leader's guide suggests that lay people "do theology" through Bible study. The guide explores five elements of a proposed "just peace" theology: care of the earth; God as center of our lives; justice; love of enemies; and peacemaking. An exchange of personal letters opens each topic to set the tone. Hopeful stories about Lutheran women's experience also illustrate Bible studies. The book offers activities such as role playing, guided meditation, collective visioning, nonviolent dialogs with "the enemy" and work in clay to develop new concepts of peace theology.

Price: $4.00

Master Builders Bible for Men- 2nd Edition
ELCALM1001 - Master Builders Bible for Men- 2nd Edition

This is the “all-in-one” resource for men’s ministry. This New International Version Bible features the Men's Ministry Leaders Supplement and 20,000 study questions written into the text that assist participants in getting to know each other as they get to know God. Among the 60 “Felt Need” courses included are 6 courses for men. Each of them features 6 beginner and 6 advanced sessions.

The Men’s Ministry Leaders Supplement (the first 32 pages) will help your leaders develop an effective men’s ministry.

Price: Varies by Qty

ELCA 25th Anniversary Tote Bags
ELCAMA1170 - ELCA 25th Anniversary Tote Bags

White non-woven large capacity shopper-style tote bag. Sturdy, sewn-in carrying straps. Imprinted with ELCA brandmark on one side, 25th anniversary "Always Being Made New" theme on the other.

Price: $3.50

Planned Giving Brochure
ELCAWO1000 - Planned Giving Brochure

Making a planned gift is a powerful way to express your compassion and values. Your planned gift becomes a witness to your faith in Jesus Christ. With this brochure learn how you can make a planned gift to support any Women of the ELCA ministry about which you are passionate.

Please note: Maximum order 25

Price: $0.00

A Place for You booklet
ELCAWO1067 - A Place for You booklet
Get to know the mission and ministries of Women of the ELCA with this booklet. Perfect for new members and outreach efforts. Find out how to create a congregational unit. Limit of 25 per customer.

Note: Up to 5 complimentary copies are available by calling us at 800-638-3522.

Price: $0.00

In Good Company: Biblical Women (Bible Study)
ELCAWO1078-DD - In Good Company: Biblical Women (Bible Study)
This nine-session Bible Study pdf from Gather magazine and Women of the ELCA explores the stories of biblical women in both the Old and New Testaments. Purchase is for a digital copy only.
Price: $35.00

WH Lenten Study 2018
ELCAMA1356 - WH Lenten Study 2018
Journey with ELCA World Hunger through this Lenten study. This five-week educational series explores who Jesus is for us, with us and among us today. Packaged in 10s. 1=10 copies of the study.

This product is now out of stock, however, it is available as a free download.

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Social Message on Human Rights
ELCAOB1022 - Social Message on Human Rights
ELCA's policy document on human rights. Comes in bundles of 5.

Also available for free download.

Price: $.50

ELCA World Hunger Lenten Study 2019
ELCAMA1385 - ELCA World Hunger Lenten Study 2019
This Lent, walk with ELCA World Hunger as our church prepares us for the ministry God calls us to this season—the ministry of hope, liberation and restoration for our world. The practices of Lent—repentance, prayer and fasting, sacrifical giving and works of love—will guide our weekly journey.

Also available as a free download.

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WH 40 Days of Giving Calendar
ELCAMA1388 - WH 40 Days of Giving Calendar
This Lenten devotional calendar is filled with ideas for how to engage in the Lenten disciplines and participate in ELCA World Hunger's 40 Days of Giving.

Also available as a free download.  

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