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ELCAMA1341 - ELCA Good Gifts catalog 2017-2019
The 24-page ELCA Good Gifts catalog offers many ways to honor friends and loved ones with gifts that will make a difference in the world. With 50 giving options – from 10 little chicks to help a family escape poverty to a scholarship to help a young leader attend an ELCA seminary – there's something for everyone on your list. The catalog is also a great resource for your congregation. Sunday school classes, youth groups and adults can use the catalog for special fundraising events. Shop the catalog online at ELCA.org/goodgifts.
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Global Church Sponsorship Directory 2019
ELCAMA1390 - Global Church Sponsorship Directory 2019
"Journey with the Global Church"—the annual directory highlights ELCA missionaries, scholarships and global ministries. This resource provides a wonderful overview of the ELCA's global engagment and the ways in which God is calling us to the ministry of accompaniment alongside our siblings in Christ throughout the world.
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Global Mission Map Brochure 2019
ELCAGM1014 - Global Mission Map Brochure 2019
This brochure unfolds to reveal a large world map with stories and insights from our global companions. Learn more about God's work in the world and inspire others to connect with the global church by displaying this in your church.

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Glocal music CD
ELCAGM1011 - Glocal music CD
CD of worship music from around the world, performed by the Glocal musician-educators.
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Glocal "Learning Songs from Our World" DVD
ELCAGM1010 - Glocal "Learning Songs from Our World" DVD
DVD of teaching videos designed to help congregations incorporate glocal song and story into worship.
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Global Church Sunday Poster
ELCAMA1339 - Global Church Sunday Poster
17-inch x 22-inch poster for promoting Global Church Sunday and the ELCA's Missionaries and Young Adults in Global Mission work.
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Global Church Sunday Booklet
ELCAMA1338 - Global Church Sunday Booklet
Congregational toolkit featuring worship and fundraising ideas, as well as programmatic information, for hosting a Global Church Sunday at your congregation.
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Global Church Sunday 2017 Packet
ELCAMA1337 - Global Church Sunday 2017 Packet
Resource packet, including an ideas booklet, bulletin insert and poster, to host a Global Church Sunday at your congregation.
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International Community Meal Poster
ELCAMA1334 - International Community Meal Poster
Poster for use by congregations when celebrating Global Ministries with a community meal. Customizable for date/location/time.
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Pentecost Sunday Booklet
ELCAMA1333 - Pentecost Sunday Booklet
Booklet for use by congregations when celebrating Global Ministries on Pentecost Sunday, June 4, 2017.
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International Women's Day Booklet
ELCAMA1330 - International Women's Day Booklet
Celebrate International Women's Day, March 8, 2017, with The Campaign for the ELCA's International Women Leaders intiative. Use this booklet to plan activities, worship and fundraisers in support of this effort.

Also available for free download.

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Global Church Passport
ELCAMA1329 - Global Church Passport
The Global Church Passport offers a way to engage youth and young adults in learning about the ELCA's work as part of a global Lutheran community. Each passport pack includes stickers for four international "stops" (1 pack=9 passport books and 3 sticker sheets). Visit ELCA.org/Resources/Campaign-for-the-ELCA, annual themes tab, for corresponding curriculum.
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Global Church Story Series Booklet
ELCAMA1328 - Global Church Story Series Booklet
The Global Church Story Series is a collection of 12 stories highlighting the ELCA’s international evangelism work through Missionaries and Young Adults in Global Mission, International Women Leaders and Global Ministries. Use these stories for Bible study groups, in your congregation’s bulletin or newsletter and as part of your fundraising efforts throughout the year.

Also available for free download.

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2017 Annual Theme Kickoff Packet
ELCAMA1327 - 2017 Annual Theme Kickoff Packet
Use this packet as your congregation's guide to the 2017 campaign annual theme year - Global Church. Packet includes: International Women's Day booklet, Global Church Road Map, Global Church Story Series, Global Church "Minutes," Global Church passport and sticker sheet, as well as an International Women Leaders poster. 
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Guide for Covenant Sponsors
ELCAMA1171 - Guide for Covenant Sponsors

Valuable resource to learn more about the covenant commitment to prayer, communication and financial support for ELCA missionaries. Request 1-10 free copies at 800-638-3522 or RIS@elca.org, or order 11 or more copies at this site. Free shipping and handling.  (Please note that the Covenant is a separate item to download or request.)

Also available for free download


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Global Church PlaceMaps
ELCADS1025 - Global Church PlaceMaps

The Global Church PlaceMap is a world map that helps you find your missionary’s country or to pray for countries in the news. It is a FREE resource. Excellent for use as a display, coloring sheet, placemat at global mission dinners, or an educational introduction to www.ELCA.org/map. DOWNLOAD a copy at www.ELCA.org/resources/globalchurch.  ORDER printed PlaceMaps in pads of 100 maps each. (Request the number of pads you want: 1 = 100 maps, 2 = 200, etc.). Shipping and handling charges will apply.

Price: $0.00

Food for Life: Recipes & Stories
ELCAER1005 - Food for Life: Recipes & Stories

Use this collection of recipes, stories, and table blessings to prepare global dishes for your family and congregation, and to highlight The Lutheran World Federation and ELCA World Hunger Appeal. The global recipes, adapted for North American cooks, are categorized by the agricultural cycle (dishes for growing, planting, harvesting, and "hungry" seasons); the religious cycle (dishes for religious celebrations and observances); the life cycle (dishes for important days like birthdays, weddings, and funerals); and daily life (breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks). Coproduced by the LWF, the ELCA, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

Price: $14.00

Missionary Sponsorship Reply Envelope
ELCAMA1001 - Missionary Sponsorship Reply Envelope

Encourage donations with ELCA Missionary Sponsorship reply envelopes. Envelope is 8 5/8 x 3 5/8 inches. Order in packages of 50 envelopes (1-pkg of 50).  Maximum order: 20 packages (1000 envelopes). Free shipping and handling.

Price: $0.00

Missionary Sponsorship Pew Offering Envelopes
ELCADS1027 - Missionary Sponsorship Pew Offering Envelopes

Use these giving envelopes in your congregation or mail directly to ELCA Missionary Sponsorship. Order in packages of 50 envelopes (1=pkg of 50). Maximum order: 20 packages (1000 envelopes). Free shipping and handling.

Price: $0.00

Global Links Postcard
ELCAMA1190 - Global Links Postcard
Postcard encourages people to stay informed, be inspired and get involved through Global Links, a monthly e-newsletter found at www.ELCA.org/Global-Links. To order up to 10 packages of 25 postcards, contact 800-638-3522 or RIS@elca.org. To order 11 or more packages, order through this site. Free shipping and handling.
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Welcome Forward Guide
ELCAGM1001 - Welcome Forward Guide
"Welcome Forward" is a 144-page field guide and accompanying CD aimed at global travelers who want to make a difference by their lives and by their travel. A handy companion before, during and after an overseas trip, "Welcome Forward" provides practical, spiritual and respectful ways to travel in the world. It's especially suited for those who undertake global hunger trips, companion synod journeys, "mission trips" and short-term missionary service opportunities.
"Welcome Forward" combines the wisdom of seasoned global travelers, global mission and hunger staff members of the ELCA. It combines the easy utility of a field guide and the insightful wisdom of a book of proverbs. The readings that comprise the book are interwoven with specially composed music that draws users into deeper contemplation of the voice of God -- heard in their travel experiences -- and the calling of God's Spirit -- to change their lives forever!
Written by well-known ELCA writers Susan Lang and Rochelle Melander, the book is easily read, insistent in its question and grace-filled in its approach. The songs by ELCA composer Tim Hansen zing and crackle with various musical styles, inviting both toe-tappings and heart-string pluckings.

Price: $8.00

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